Warp Films and Film4 are offering Big Chill festival-goers the chance to appear as extras in Chris Boyle’s I Spit on Your Rave.

The documentary spoof is set in 2018 when mankind is extinct and zombies have taken over the world. Revellers will be required to dress up as zombies for the “post-apocalyptic cultural mockumentary”. Filming will take place on August 6 and a short clip of the main scene will then be shown at the end of the festival before being released online.

Peter Carlton, Film4 senior commissioning executive, said: “Film4 is very much about exploring new ways of filmmaking, developing talent and creating new and innovative experiences for our audiences. In addition to screening films and offering secret previews at festivals like The Big Chill we want to create memorable cinema events.”

Boyle has previously directed short film Airlock…Or How To Say Goodbye In Space staring Michael Sheen, Derek Jacobi and Steve Waddington.