The Lord OfThe Rings: The Return Of The King has been named best film and Peter Jackson best director by theWashington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA).

The 23-membergroup named Bill Murray best actor for Lost In Translation and Naomi Watts best actress for 21Grams, while supportinghonours went to Benicio Del Toro for 21 Grams and Anna Deavere Smith for The HumanStain. Love Actually won the best ensemble prize.

Best originalscreenplay went to Sofia Coppola for Lost In Translation and adapted honours went to AnthonyMinghella for Cold Mountain.

Finding Nemo won best animated feature, Errol Morris'The Fog Of War tookthe documentary prize and Pirates Of The Caribbean was named Best Guilty Pleasure.

"This year's awards were a challenge due to the MPAA'sscreener ban," WAFCA president Tim Gordon said in a statement.

"We support allefforts against piracy, but feel the studios need to address the leadingsources of pirated material instead of hindering efforts to recognise the bestof film, whether that comes from the largest studio or the smallest."