The superhero saga Watchmen ruled the overseas box office as Paramount Pictures International reported an estimated $27.5m day-and-date launch in 5,097 sites in 45 territories.

The number one international debut complemented the $55.7m North American launch through Warner Bros and meant Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel grossed approximately $83m worldwide in its first five days.

The UK led a string of key number one results with $4.6m from 420 venues, followed by Russia on $2.3m from 582, Australia on $2.3m from 222, Italy on $1.6m from 266, South Korea on $1.4m from 293, Brazil on $795,000 from 196, and Mexico on $754,000 from 422.

Watchmen launched in second place behind Gran Torino in France on $2.5m from 498 and also had to settle for second place behind Gran Torino in Spain on $2m from 498. The picture grossed $1.9m in Germany in 370 locations behind Fox International's number one release Marley & Me, and grossed $539,000 from 82 sites in The Netherlands.

Teen release Hotel For Dogs added $2.4m from 2,153 venues in 34 territories to bring the international running total to $32m. Business was led by the UK, where the picture held well on $774,000 following a 15% drop for $8.8m.

The suburban drama Revolutionary Road added $625,000 from 871 sites for $49.6m and horror remake Friday The 13th grossed $550,000 from 1,110 screens in 32 territories to stand at $19.7m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's drama Gran Torino produced an outstanding weekend as it grossed $12m from approximately 1,685 screens in 17 markets. Buoyed by strong launches and solid holdover business, the drama now stands at $33.4m.

The top launch was Spain, where Gran Torino took an outstanding $2.7m from 235 screens for director-star Clint Eastwood's biggest launch in the territory. The picture opened in Germany on $912,000 from 151 screens.

France delivered the holdover highlight thanks to a formidable $4.8m from 445 in the second weekend that raised the tally to $11.7m. This currently ranks as the second biggest Eastwood release in the territory. Gran Torino added $1.7m from 303 sites in its second wide weekend in the UK for $6.1m. The picture has amassed $8.7m in Australia after seven weeks and opens in Italy next weekend.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button added $7.8m from more than 4,500 screens in 61 markets for $189.2m and will cross $200m within the next several weeks. It has reached $22.5m in Japan, $19.1m in France, $19m in Germany, $13.3m in Italy, $12.8m in the UK, $11.6m in Spain, $11.3m in Australia, $8m in Brazil, $7.3m in Mexico, and $6.3m in South Korea.

The Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man grossed $2.5m from 1,563s screens in 47 markets for $128.3m. The picture ended its UK and Italian runs on $15.3m and $11m, respectively. Latest figures put Australia on $9.5m, Russia on $7.7m and Spain on $6.5m, while South Korea finished on $6.8m.

Fox International's comedy Marley & Me was set loose in 16 new markets and fetched $8.2m from roughly 1,700 screens in 27 markets overall for a $33m cumulative total. Marley & Me ranked number one in Germany on $2.9m from 546 and also in Austria on $534,000 from 93. The picture grossed $475,000 from 82 in Switzerland.

There were good launches too in France on $2.4m from 348 and Holland on $602,000 from 87. Singapore held firm in its second weekend on $236,000 from 26 screens for $714,330. It launches next weekend in the UK, Russia, Belgium and six other markets.

The wartime thriller Valkyrie will cross $100m this week after a $4m gross from approximately 2,800 screens in 44 markets raised the international tally to $99.2m, of which $86.2 comes from Fox markets.

Comedy Bride Wars added $1.2m from roughly 1,600 screens in 27 markets for $51m and Baz Luhrmann's epic romance Australia now stands at $154m. Local Brazilian hit Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 has overtaken Spider-Man to become the fourth biggest release in Brazil behind Titanic and Spider-Man 2 and 3. Fox Intenrational did not report the latest cumulative total for the release.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's animated tale Bolt added $4.3m for $171.6m, achieving most of its business in the UK and France - $1.3m for $23.6m after four and $1.3m for $21m after five, respectively.

Bedtime Stories added $3m for $95.8m and opened in Spain on $2m, while Confessions Of A Shopaholic added $3.4m for $24.1m and added $1.4m in its third weekend in the UK for $9.8m and $1.3m in is second in Italy for $4.1m.

Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience grossed $500,000 from 126 3D screens in Mexico and has now taken $700,000 overseas. It will roll out internationally in exclusive 3D engagements.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Pink Panther 2 added $3.7m from 2,490 screens in 61 markets for a $27.4m cumulative total. The comedy launched in Italy on $670,000 from 203 screens for an unknown ranking.

Elsewhere it ranks fifth after two weekends in Spain after $865,000 from 385 raised the tally to $3.1m, and ranks fourth after two in Mexico as $465,000 from 367 raised the running total to $1.5m. The picture stands at $1.7m in Brazil after three weeks and $4.3m in the UK after four.

Thriller The International stands at $14.7m after a $2.1m weekend gross from 1,580 screens in 32 markets. The UK has produced $2.2m after two and Germany has generated $5.5m after four. Action fantasy Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans added $1.8m from 875 screens in 27 markets for $28.3m and the Will Smith drama Seven Pounds raised its tally by $1m from 780 screens in 47 markets to $94.7m.

Universal/UPI's horror tale The Unborn added $2.2m from 800 sites in 16 territories for an early total of $14.9m and added $1.1m from 298 in its second weekend in the UK for $2.7m. The Unborn launches in 11 territories next weekend including France, Germany and Austria.

The drama Milk featuring an Oscar winning performance by Sean Penn grossed $2.2m from 700 venues in 25 territories for $13.7m, buoyed by a strong $1.4m launch in France from 230 venues and $133,000 in Mexico from 72. The period mystery Changeling added $1.6m from 1,150 locations in 32 for $71.6m.

Comedy Role Models added $1m from 873 in 21 territories for $23.2m, animated romp The Tale Of Despereaux added $700,000 from 1,186 dates in 35 territories for $31.3m, the drama Frost/Nixon stands at $7.8m, and Coraline has reached $7.1m. Mamma Mia! is on the cusp of crossing $600m worldwide after $600,000 from 335 screens in Japan raised the tally there to $25.7m, the international running total to $454.9m and the worldwide tally to $599.1m.