TheAustralian Film Institute (AFI) has announced the nominees for itsinternational awards categories.

Theyinclude Naomi Watts for her performance as a damsel in distress in King Kong, Hugo Weaving for bringing to life the protagonist in V for Vendetta, despite his mask, and Roger Donaldson for the quality of The World'sFastest Indian.

Mostof the AFI Award nominations were published more than two weeks ago but thecontenders for three additional categories, all for the work Australians do onfilms globally, have now been added.

Alongside Watts in the international actresscategory is Radha Mitchell, Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths, the only personnominated for television.

EitherHeath Ledger, Eric Bana, HugoWeaving or Anthony LaPaglia will take home the award for best actor The thirdcategory was for excellence in filmmaking, and alongside Donaldson arecinematographers Donald McAlpine and Dion Beebe, and production designer RogerFord.

Giventhe nature of the nominations, it was not surprising that most of the nomineesare scattered across the world. Mitchell, for example, has been in Oregon and next heads to China to work on theChina/Australian/German co-production The Children of Huang Shi.

HugoWeaving is currently in NorthCarolina working on a crime drama about insurance fraud called The Key Man.

AFIinternational nominees:


HeathLedger (Brokeback Mountain)

EricBana (Munich)

HugoWeaving (V for Vendetta)

AnthonyLaPaglia (Winter Solstice)


ToniCollette (In Her Shoes)

NaomiWatts (King Kong)

RadhaMitchell (Silent Hill)

RachelGriffiths (Six Feet Under (Nine Network)

Excellencein filmmaking

DonaldMcAlpine (cinematography) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch andthe Wardrobe

RogerFord (production design) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch andthe Wardrobe

DionBeebe (cinematography) Memoirs of a Geisha

RogerDonaldson (producing/direction/screenplay) The World's Fastest Indian