Warner BrosInternational Television Distribution (WBITD) has signed an exclusivemulti-year deal with SBS Broadcasting (Holland) for current and upcomingtheatrical pictures and television programming.

Titles includethe upcoming Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban and Ocean's Twelve, The Matrix Reloaded, The Last Samurai and Mystic River.

The deal also gives SBSBroadcasting, which comprises the channels SBS 6, NET 5 and Veronica inHolland, access to series and library product.

"We have alwayshad a terrific relationship with SBS and we couldn't be more pleased that ourfilms and television series will continue to air on their fine networks," WBITDpresident Jeffrey R Schlesinger said in a statement.

"It's a tremendousadvantage for a broadcaster to be able to use the skills and expertise ofworld's largest producer," SBS senior vice president Bart Soepnel added. "SBSis proud to continue its strong relationship with the Shield."