Warner BrosInternational Television Distribution (WBITD) has signed a three-year deal withNordic media and telecommunications giant Modern Times Group's ViasatBroadcasting for the shared rights to a range of theatrical and televisiontitles.

Under the termsof the deal Viasat gains rights to broadcast free-to-air television premieresof first-run titles in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish territories on Viasat'sTV3, TV3+ and ZTV channels.

Titles include HarryPotter And The Chamber Of Secrets in Norway, Murder By Numbers in all threeterritories, Two Weeks Notice in Sweden and Denmark, Time Machine in Sweden,Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood in Sweden and Norway, as well as aselection of first run series from the next three seasons of US Network.

The agreementalso covers the rights to broadcast library features and mini-series includingthe free-to-air television premieres of Lethal Weapon 4 in Norway and Denmark,US Marshals in Sweden and Denmark, A Perfect Murder in Sweden and Norway, andThe Sphere in all three territories.

Warner Brothershas previously provided Viasat's TV3 with ER, Smallville, Two And A Half Men,and Everwood, among others.

"This completesViasat's committed volume deals with Hollywood for Scandinavia as therelationships are now locked in for the next few years. We continue to enjoy agreat partnership with Warner, which has consistently delivered fantastic primetime content."

"The new fallschedules that are driving our channels' ratings performance across Scandinaviafeature the strongest yet combination of acquired US entertainment, broadcoverage of local and international sports events, and new seasons ofsuccessful local own-productions," WBITD president Jeffrey Schlesinger added.

"We have enjoyeda terrific relationship with MTG throughout the years and are pleased that ourproduct will continue to air across their networks."