Journey 2 swept to an international $184.5m tally following a weekend haul from more than 6,600 screens in 52 territories – just enough to nose ahead of chief rival This Means War from Fox on $14.1m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) tends to underestimate weekend results so the family adventure may well stay top when final results emerge on Monday.

The juggernaut opened in Germany on $1.7m from 438 and held well in the second weekend in Italy where $1.5m from 418 raised the score to $4.3m. France generated $2m from 464 for $9.5m after three.

Journey 2 has amassed $53.5m after four weekends in China, which remains the lead market so far, and stands at $17.3m in Russia after four, $11.5m in Mexico after five and $9.7m in the UK after five. The final tally in the six-weekend run in South Korea is $7.1m.

Comedy Project X opened day-and-date with the number two US launch, grossing $1.3m in Australia from 222 for first place. It also arrived in Holland on $457,000 from 60. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close added $3.3m from 1,765 in 31 markets for $14.4m with 24 markets to go.

  • Returning to This Means War, Fox International staff said the film was active on 3,962 screens in 51 markets and has reached $43.2m. It arrived in the UK on $2.9m from 487, set Fox’s best debut of 2012 in South Korea on $2.3m from 351 and opened in Germany on $2m from 528.

Chronicle grossed $6m from 2,308 in 35 for $44.4m and opened in Spain on $1m from 304, Mexico on $1m from 485 and Thailand on $393,000 from 90. The sci-fi stands at $5.4m in France after two weekends and has done well in the UK and Australia, where after five weekends it stands at $10.6m and $7.9m, respectively.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel continues to do a roaring trade in the UK, where it climbed 7% in the second weekend to finish first on $3.8m from 525 for a rejuvenating $11.1m.

Best adapted screenplay Oscar winner The Descendants stands at $83.7m, an excellent performance that lifts the worldwide tally to more than $160m, whileStar Wars: Episode I 3D is at $50.2m and New Regency’s sci-fi In Time is at $123.6m and has taken $15.4m from Japan in three weekends.

Fox International Production’s Russian hit August 8th stands at $8.4m in its native land, while Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 has reached $204.2m and We Bought A Zoo is at $25.7m.

Universal’s thriller Safe House coaxed a further $10.8m out of audiences through UPI and was active in 3,500 sites in 50 territories. It has reached $51.6m, which brings the worldwide tally to more than $108m.

Safe House opened in five, led by Italy in fourth place on $1.3m from 319, South Korea in fifth on $797,000 from 233 and Mexico in third on $780,000 from 389. The UK is the top holdover in fourth place on $2.2m from 426 for $7.6m after ten days. There are 13 territories to go.

Contraband stands at $14.4m and there are 32 territories to go. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax enjoyed a mighty North American debut and can look forward to a strong international run… but it will take time. UPI plans a slow roll-out with the majority of releases timed for Easter holidays at the end of March. It opened top in the Middle East at the weekend on a terrific $500,000 from 43 sites.

  • PPI reported that Hugo, winner of five crafts Academy Awards last weekend including cinematography and visual effects, grossed $9.6m from 2,091 sites in PPI’s 34 markets for $51.7m.

It launched top in Japan on $3.3m from 212 over four days and has amassed $4.8m in Spain after two and $6.1m in Brazil after three weekends.

The Devil Inside grossed $7m from 2,034 in 37, propelling the running total to $24.4m. It opened in third place in Germany on $1.7m from 214 and stayed top in the second weekend in Mexico where it added $1.3m.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol has reached the dizzy heights of $95.7m in China after six weekends and a spectacular $476m internationally. DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots stands at a terrific $386.3m.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Underworld: Awakening grossed $4.6m from 1,900 in 43 markets for $81.1m and burst into Brazil in top place on a franchise-best $1.8m from 277.

The sci-fi fantasy also scored the biggest launch in the series in Argentina where it arrived at number one on $375,000 from 85. It has amassed $8.1m in Germany after five weekends.

Smash US romance The Vow has reached an early $36m internationally following a $4.1m weekend haul from 1,750 in 23. It opened in fifth place in Russia on $1.3m from 319. Adam Sandler comedy Jack And Jill stands at $71.9m and has grossed $9.4m in Brazil after four weekends.

  • StudioCanal reported a couple of UK results, noting that Rampart added $69,700 for $361,000 while Carnage has reached $1.6m.