I Am Legend kept on top of the overseas competition as an estimated $34m weekend haul through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from approximately 3,900 prints in 36 territories catapaulted the cumulative total to $170.2m.

The weekend was dominated by a mighty $8.5m (A$9.8m) Australian number one launch on 338 prints that took 50% of the top five market share. The sci-fi horror also took off in Greece on a sterling $1.9m (Eu1.3m) from 79 prints that ranked top, and opened at number one in New Zealand on $1.1m (NZ$1.4m) from 66.

As expected, holdover business provided a significant portion of this weekend's tale as the film maintained its number one status in the UK in its second weekend after an $8m (£4.1m) gross from 457 sites raised the tally to $37.4m (£18.8m).

Japanese fans cannot get enough of Will Smith, so it was little surprise that I Am Legend ranked number one for the fourth consecutive weekend in the territory as the tally surged by $2.4m (¥264m) to $30m (¥3.4bn).

Elsewhere the film has amassed $22.1m in France, $15.4m in Spain, $15.3m in South Korea, $4.8m in Holland, $4.6m in Taiwan and $3.6m in Belgium.

Crossing $200m would appear to be a formality at this stage, given that launches are scheduled in Germany and Italy on Jan 10 and 11 and Mexico and Brazil on Jan 18.

New Line International's The Golden Compass added $29m from approximately 7,000 screens in 59 territories as the overseas total climbed to $232m.

Final results will become available on Monday, however executives confirmed the leading territory remains the UK on approximately $48m, while South Korea has generated in excess of $25m.

The fantasy adventure is expected to finish in the $250m-$300m range depending on how it performs in its final major territory of Japan on March 1.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) National Treasure 2 crossed $100m as it took $19.1m from 4,380 screens in 31 territories boosted the tally to $100.6m.

The adventure sequel becomes the 68th Disney release to reach the $100m milestone overseas.

Weekend business was led by strong third weekend holds as Russia generated $3.1m from 450 screens for $9.6m, Japan produced $2m from 463 for $16m and Italy produced $1.8m from 404 for $11.4m.

South Korea delivered $1.3m from 301 in the third weekend to rank second on $10.9m and the film has already overtaken its predecessor's lifetime total by approximately 25%.

In its second weekend National Treasure 2 added $1.5m from 749 in Mexico for $6.5m. Notable launches included number one finishes for Belgium and Greece, where the film took $1.3m from 60 and $1.1m from 85 respectively. It grossed $825,000 from 90 in Poland and $750,000 from 88 in Turkey.

WDSMPI'S family title Enchanted grossed $15m from 5,370 screens in 43 territories to stand at $138m with approximately one-quarter of its overseas markets yet to open.

The film added $3.1m from 501 in the UK for $28.1m after four weekends, and $2.7m from 673 in the sixth weekend in France to rank third on $22m. It opened top in Argentina on $542,000 from 85, an excellent result bearing in mind the film went head-to-head with WBPI's I Am Legend.

Fox International's Alvin And The Chipmunks took another chunk out of the box office pie as $15.6m from 4,200 screens in 49 markets elevated the tally to $65.2m.

The family comedy launched in second place in Australia on $3.5m from 260 screens in what was the fourth biggest G-rated debut and the sixth biggest January launch. It arrived in Brazil too, where it took $859,000 from 273 screens to rank third.

In the third weekend Alvin added $2.1m from 389 in the UK for $12.3m, $1.8m from 393 in France for $5.9m, $1.7m from 479 in Germany for $6.5m and $1.1m from 551 in Mexico for $7.7m to rank third. Russia has generated $1.6m after three.

Alien Vs. Predator 2 plundered $13m from approximately 3,000 screens in 33 markets, fired up by several new territories. The action sequel grossed $3.1m from 426 in France, $1.7m from 503 in Mexico, $1m from 51 in Singapore, $385,000 from 104 in Taiwan and $317,000 from 37 in Sweden.

The running total after two weekends stands at $6.7m in Germany, $5.9m in Japan, $4.1m in Australia and $1.9m in Thailand, where it has ranked number one since release. The international running total stands at $36m.

The Darjeeling Limited grossed $2m from 350 screens in 10 markets and stands at $6.7m. Weekend business was propelled by a $655,000 launch in Spain on 150, as well as a German launch that produced $619,000 from 78. Australia has generated $1.1m after two weekends.

Russian pick-up Ironiya Sudby 2 (Irony Of Fate) continues to perform excellently and added a further $9m to the coffers from 905 screens in its third weekend to stand at $23.8m.

Fox International's cumulative total for Love In The Time Of Cholera has reached $5m following strong second weekends in Mexico and Brazil that saw the romantic saga climb to $2.5m and $1m, respectively.

DreamWorks Animation's Bee Movie took $13.7m through PPI from 4,884 venues in 60 territories and has now amassed $130m. The family film launched at number one in South Korea on $2.7m on 240 screens.

The remainder of weekend business came from holdovers led by the UK and France, both of which generated $1.7m for $15.2m and $10.2m, respectively. The film has amassed $8.1m in Italy and $7.5m in Germany.

No Country For Old Men raised its tally in Australia by $475,000 from 53 to $1.9m after three weekends. It opens in the UK on Jan 18.

The Kite Runner grossed $1.2m from two markets, taking $1m from 194 sites in the UK for $2.5m after two and raising its total in New Zealand to $160,000. The Kite Runner launches in Mexico and the Netherlands next weekend.

Universal's crime drama American Gangster grossed $5.8m from 1,553 sites in 32 territories through UPI and climbed to $73m. It launched in top spot in Denmark on $504,000 from 30 dates and scored third place in Argentina on $219,000 from 48. The UK has generated $10.6m after eight weekends and Germany and France $10.6m and $10.4m after the same amount of time. There are 22 territories to go including Australia and Singapore next weekend.

The true-life tale Charlie Wilson's War kicked off its international run through UPI as it debuted in second place in Portugal and opened top in the UAE on $500,000 from 70 venues. It will roll out over the next four months and arrives in the UK on Jan 11, France on Jan 16, Australia on Jan 24 and Germany on Feb 7.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age added $1.7m from 712 venues in 32 territories for $44.8m. The historical drama opened in Thailand on $50,000 from 10 sites, marking the biggest limited release for UIP in the market.

Atonement climbed to $38.5m thanks to a $1.5m weekend haul from 286 locations in 13 territories. The highlight was a $1.3m second weekend hold in 131 sites that boosted the early running total to $4.9m. Joe Wright's film ranks fifth and will overtake the lifetime total of his earlier work, Pride & Prejudice. There are 40 territories to go, among them Spain, Brazil and Sweden next weekend as well as France through Studio Canal.

UPI holds Spanish rights to Halloween and reported a $1.1m number four launch in 250 sites. Lust, Caution opened very well in 11th place in the UK on $465,000 (£234,000) in 49 venues. The running total from two territories stands at $2.1m and the next and final releases are in Australia and New Zealand on January 17.

Balls Of Fury added $830,000 from 229 sites in its second weekend in the UK and stands at $3.2m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep added $595,000 from 455 screens in two markets and has grossed $2.8m through SPRI markets. The family film launched in sixth place in New Zealand on $95,000 from 54. It ranks seventh in Mexico after two weekends and has grossed $2.6m.

Summit International's romantic comedy P.S. I Love You added $5.3m from 513 sites in 10 markets and stands at $9.5m. It launched in second place in the UK on $3.6m from 365 prints and placed fourth in Brazil on $1.1m. The film added $900,000 in its third weekend in Australia and has amassed $2.9m.