The Weinstein Company (TWC) swooped last night [Nov 3] on US rights to three films from Wild Bunch in the first major domestic deal of AFM to be announced.

In the evening of Saturday, several hours after Harvey Weinstein had been observed at the Loews deep in conversation with key lieutenant Michelle Krumm, the company acquired US rights to Dorothy Mills and Martyrs, and took North America, Australia and New Zealand on Dante 01.

The English language thriller Dorothy Mills by Agnes Merlet stars Holland's rising international prospect Carice Van Houten as a psychiatrist sent into a hostile island community in Ireland to take charge of a gifted teenage charged with murdering a baby.

Jenn Murray and David Wilmot also star and Olivier Delbosc and Marc Missonnier of Fidelite Films produced with Octagon Films' James Flynn.

Pascal Laugier's Martyrs stars Morjane Alaoui and Mylene Jampanoi in the story of a terrifying cycle of violence that follows a group of girls. Eskwad's Richard Granpierre produced.

Dante 01 is the first solo effort from Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet's co-director on Delicatessen and City Of Lost Children. Lambert Wilsonstars as a powerful man whose arrival plunges a deep space prison and psychiatric research ship into chaos. Dominique Pinon and Francois Levental also star and Grandpierre produced.

TWC's Michal Podell and Maeva Gatineau negotiated with Carole Baraton at Wild Bunch.