The Weinstein Company (TWC)and IFC Entertainment have jointly acquired all North American rights toJonathan King's horror-comedy Black Sheep on the back of its popular world premiere screening at Toronto.

IFC will release through itsFirst Take day-and-date distribution label and TWC will release on DVD throughGenius Products. Philippa Campbell produced the saga of a catastrophic genetic experimentthat transforms sheep into blood-thirsty killers. The project was funded by NewZealand Film Commission, NZ On Air, and South Korea-based Daesung Group underthe Daesung Group/Park Road Post Business Alliance.

The joint announcement wasmade today by Michelle Krumm, Executive Vice President of Acquisitions for TheWeinstein Company, and Jonathan Sehring, IFC Entertainment President.

'Black Sheep is a funny and macabre dissection of the monstergenre that echoes of early Peter Jackson and in my humble opinion is the greatestfilm about man-eating killer sheep I have ever seen,' IFC Entertainment president JonathanSehring said.

TWC's executive vicepresident of acquisitions Michelle Krumm brought in the project.

Vice president ofacquisitions Genna Terrenova and director of acquisitions Eileen Rodrigueznegotiated the deal on behalf of TWC, along with IFC's Arianna Bocco and NewZealand Film Commission head of sales and marketing Kathleen Drumm. CineticMedia represented the filmmakers.