The Weinstein Company (TWC) has take it s first step into cable televisionas part of a consortium of private investors that has bought the independentcable channel Ovation, The Arts Network.

Television executives Ken Solomon will oversee the network's relaunchas chairman, alongside chief executive officer Charles Segars, chief operatingofficer Ron Garfield, and executive vice president Chad Gutstein.

The consortium was led by Hubbard Media Group, a wholly owned subsidiaryof Hubbard Broadcasting.

The network launched in October 1996, and broadcasts a constantmix of performance and documentary-style programming covering all arts.

"Following our successful partnerships with Genius,aSmallWorld, and Robert Johnson and Our Stories, we're thrilled to be joiningthis impressive group of investors who are helping [Bob] and I fulfill our promiseto become a true multi-media company," Harvey Weinstein said.

"Ken, Chad, Charles and Ron's vision and leadership will helppropel the channel and we couldn't be more excited to be partnering with such atalented team of executives."