Harvey and Bob Weinstein have unveiled their latest marketing gem,offering the first 10,000 MySpace members who add the Mooby's Presents: ClerksII page to their friendslist a permanent credit on Kevin Smith's upcoming sequel.

According to sources the names of the winning Smith fans will bepresented at the end of the theatrical and DVD versions beneath the legend:Mooby's Clerks II ÐMySpace Friends.

In what will almost certainly become the longest series ofindividual mentions in motion picture history, the names will appear across sixcolumns scrolling down the screen. How long it will take to scroll through thelist remained unclear yesterday.

MGM will release the Weinstein Company presentation on Jul 21.Smith's sequel to his 1994 Sundance hit reunites the original quartet of BrianO'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, and Smith, and also features RosarioDawson and cameos by Ben Affleck and Jason Lee.

The onlineinteractive agency Deep Focus assisted in securing the promotion.