ForestWhitaker and Bob Balaban are the first two film-makers to join The FirstAmendment Project, a four-part series of half-hour films by the SundanceChannel and Court TV.

Setto air in August 2004, the series invites film-makers to reflect on the notionof freedom in daily life and the challenges of protecting the values enshrinedin the First Amendment in the current political climate.

Theproject is being overseen by Court TV's vice president of development andinternational co-production Mark Fichandler and Sundance Channel's senior vicepresident of on-air, original programming and new media Adam Pincus.

Thenetworks are seeking additional film-makers to contribute films to the seriesand executives hope to collaborate on future projects of a similar nature.

In addition to their acting careers, Whitaker's directing credits includeHope Floats, Waiting To Exhale and First Daughter andBalaban has directed for the stage.