Revolution Studios' comedy White Chicks added an estimated $4.5m throughColumbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) at the weekend on1,685 screens in 21 markets for a $16.3m running total through all distributorsand $15.9m through CTFDI.

The highlights were a second place debut in the UK behind SharkTale on $1.6m on 340screens, and fifth place in Spain on $850,000 on 200.

As far as holdovers went, Germany dropped 29% on $640,000 on 498for $1.9m in its second weekend, while Mexico dropped just 2% in its third on$455,000 on 253 for $2.2m.

The action horror sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse grossed $2.5m on 1, 214 screens in 11markets for $46.8m through all distributors and $31.8m through CTFDI.

It opened top in New Zealand on $245,000 on 43, which was 60%bigger than the 2002 original in local currency.

The comic book adaptation Hellboy added just over $1m on 705 screens in 25CTFDI markets for $35.3m and $38.6m through all distributors.

The Britishgangster picture Layer Cake held well in the UK in its third weekend, adding $1m on 305 for$6.1m and fifth place after a 23% drop.