Marc Caro, the French film-makerwho collaborated with Jean-Pierre Jeunet on Delicatessen and The City Of Lost Children, is preparing anextravagant new sci-fi action movie called DanteXXI that is being represented for worldwide sales by Wild Bunch.

Billed by the seller as Cubemeets Gattaca,it's a tale about a convict in space. Tormented by inner demons, he battles tounravel the tangled web of his memory.

The $9.5m film (8 million Euros), Caro'sfirst solo turn as feature director, is being produced by Paris-based Eskwad (Brotherhood Of The Wolf).

Since splitting from Jeunet, Caro has been art director or production designer for suchmovies as Blueberry, Vidocqand Alien: Resurrection. He has longbeen acclaimed as one of the most visually imaginative filmmakers in France.

'What was interesting in the Jeunet-Caromovies was not the narrative but the artistic side and Carowas in charge of that,' says Wild Bunch's Vincent Maraval.'Caro is the most talented visual creator that wehave in Franceand Dante XXI won't look like anythingthat has been seen before.' Casting is underway. Dominique Pinon,the highly distinctive face in Delicatessenand City Of Lost Children,is strongly tipped for one of the leading roles. Wild Bunch's Juliette Renaud will act asco-producer.

At Berlin,Wild Bunch is also introducing buyers to Emir Kusturica'slong-awaited documentary about soccer legend, Diego Maradona. Wild Bunch has delayedbringing the documentary to the market until now in order not to disturb thefinancing of Marco Risi's forthcoming, dramatisedbiopic of Maradona.

Kusturica's film is still beingfinished. The aim is to premiere the documentary in Cannes.Whether or not the film is complete, Wild Bunch hopes to bring Maradona back to the Croisette.'Last year, Maradona came for a dinner (in Cannes),'Maraval said. 'We struck a moral deal as we sataround the table that next year, he will be on the red carpet with a ball andhe will be 70 kilos.'