Ever-aggressive Frenchoutfit Wild Bunch has added new films by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald, veteranBritish auteur Nicolas Roeg, US indie darling David Gordon Green and Frenchmaster Alain Corneau to its AFM slate.

Macdonald's new featuredocumentary My Enemy's Enemy,which follows his dramatic debut The Last King Of Scotland, promises to be especially controversial. It willair startling new revelations about Klaus Barbie, the Nazi war criminal knownas "the Butcher Of Lyon."

Barbie was also the subjectof Marcel Ophuls' Oscar winning 1988 documentary Hotel Terminus, but Macdonald's film will have a very differentfocus.

The film will chronicle howBarbie worked with the CIA after the war and how the Nazi felon was protectedby the US. The documentary will also examine claims that Barbie and the CIAwere involved in the 1980 Bologna railway bombing, in which 85 people died.

Wild Bunch's Vincent Maravaldescribes David Gordon Green's Snow Angels, another new addition to Wild Bunch's slate, as a film with obviousmainstream "crossover" potential. Wild Bunch picked up the completed film whichstars Kate Beckinsale and Griffin Dunne after Toronto.

Meanwhile, another new WildBunch title, Alain Corneau's The Second Wind - a re make of Jean-Pierre Melville's film ofthe same title - started shooting last week. Warner Bros has taken Frenchrights to the $33 million drama from ARP.

Wild Bunch has now taken onsales duties on Nicolas Roeg's Puffball, described by Maraval as a drama in the style of Rosemary's Baby.

Also new on the Wild BunchAFM slate is Laurent Tirard's Moliere,the second film through Wild Bunch's financing and distribution deal with France'sFidelite roductions. It comes billed as a "Shakespeare In Love" style comedy. The French release is due in lateJanuary.