Rita Wilson,Julianna Margulies and Michelle Trachtenberg have joined the cast of accomplicefilms' Beautiful Ohio,the directorial debut of company partner Chad Lowe that began filming in NewYork this week.

The story, whichas previously announced stars William Hurt, is based on Ethan Canin'sadaptation of his short story Batorsag & Szerelem and chronicles a family's tumultuousexistence during a period of social upheaval in early 1970s America.

Lowe is producing with hisaccomplice partners Hilary Swank and Mark Burton. Basketball star ReggieMiller's production company Boom Baby Productions will serve as executiveproducer.

Swank iscurrently shooting supernatural thriller The Reaping for Warner Bros, with Joel Silver andRobert Zemeckis Dark Castle Entertainment producing. She just wrapped TheBlack Dahlia directed byBrian de Palma for Universal.

Next up the double Oscarwinner will play an inspirational high school teacher in Freedom Writers for Paramount, which is written and will be directedby Richard LaGravenese this autumn.