Peter Schwartzkopff and Wim Wenders' new company Reverse Angle Production is to enter the German theatrical distribution arena later this year.

The first release by Berlin-based Reverse Angle Mediasales will be Wenders' contribution to The Blues series, Soul Of A Man, on May 6, followed by Richard Pearce's The Road To Memphis, Martin Scorsese's Feel Like Going Home, and Antoine Fuqua's concert film Lightning In A Bottle which has its world premiere as a special screening in Berlin this evening (Thursday).

"We will work with Filmwelt on the billing and booking for our films and hire marketing and PR agents to handle the releases", Schwartzkopff said. "But we don't want to build up an in-house apparatus and will prefer to be flexible on which agencies we work with."

Wenders and Schwartzkopff see Reverse Angle as focussing its efforts in the future on digital production, "but we will also grant ourselves the luxury of making a bigger film every now and then like Don't Come Knocking in classical 35mm", Wenders said.

According to Wenders, he will follow the forthcoming Don't Come Knocking with Sam Shepard, with a German-based project. " I will definitely make my next picture in Germany. I have a great longing and desire to make a film in my own language again, and I am really looking forward to working with German actors", he said.