US-based Wind Dancer Films has announced the first two thrillers from its recently established development fund.

Crescendo is based on a story by Wind Dancer's Matt Williams and will be written by Andrew Klavan and centres on a traumatised concert violinist plagued by visions of her late father.

House Of War is a political thriller that is being written by Alex Paraskevas and follows a burnt-out medical student who uncovers a political assassination plot.

Wind Dancer is developing the family comedy Motel Galileo, based on Joe D'Ambrosio and Tom Teves' screenplay about a teenager who spends the summer with his aunt and uncle at the motel they run for alien tourists.

Wind Dancer's director of development Susann Brinkley will oversee the three projects.

Wind Dancer also has in development the comedies Fear Les written by Bear Aderhold and Tom Sullivan and Little Bastards written by Erik Lindsay.