The five winners of the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series film competition, offering budding filmmakers the chance to make their own short film, have been named.

The competition, run in association with the Tribeca Film Festival, received more than 700 submissions from around the world. The entrants each interpreted a short film script created by Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher (Precious) [pictured].

The judging panel, chaired by Fletcher, included former Screen International editor Colin Brown; independent producer and Kodak representative Anne Hubbell; BBC producer Colin Barr; and film critic Alison Bailes.

The winners are:

James Griffiths, a full-time film maker from London, whose film ‘Room 8’ is a live action cinematic piece in which miniature people, parallel universes and a twist at the end provide a true cinematic experience for the masses.

Shekhar Bassi, an aspiring film maker living in London, whose film ‘The Mrs’ is an entertaining black comedy crime, telling the story of a dysfunctional couple’s marriage.

Cadi Catlow, a Welsh animation director, who created stop motion film ‘The Crab’ set in an extremely limited environment that uses only subtitles and relies entirely on timing and extremely accurate animation to portray the emotions, thought processes and personalities of  two crabs.

Paul Frankl, a freelance director from London, whose film ‘Water Song’ tells the story of a deaf woman who finds refuge in the tranquillity of swimming, but out of the pool struggles to make contact with a man she has feelings for. 

Alexis Barroso Gascó a writer, director and graphic designer from Spain, whose film ‘Concrete’ is set in an office block and tells the story of an executive man, a cleaner and a cookie box, which brings your deepest darkest desires to life.

The winners will now participate in producing and directing their own individual films, which will be shown in early 2013.