Graham Taylor gave attendees at the Los Angeles Film Festival an upbeat appraisal of the independent space on Saturday [18], highlighting a “time of revolution, when the only way to act is entrepreneurially.”

In a reportedly invigorating keynote speech entitled Money Talks And Art Matters that was interspersed with musical cues, Taylor said that while everything was changing at a dizzying pace, there were plenty of opportunities.

“Never in the history of the movie business has there been a better time for the Independents to be entrepreneurial,” Taylor said. “The balance of power between studios, indies and consumers is changing. Whether you are a filmmaker, producer, financier, distributer, or executive, now is the time to embrace the change. We are after all in the middle of a revolution, and nobody puts baby in the corner.”

He went on to add: “The on-demand revolution is fueled by our growing ability to access content. Soon we’ll be able to get content: anytime, anywhere via any consumption device. The studios have polarized to a tentpole strategy and increasingly look to off-balance sheet financing.

“The new studios of today – Netflix, YouTube, Google, AT&T — are taking away market share. These new studios, along with the retailers: Walmart, Target, Tesco, and even a Seattle-based coffee company are financing and distributing content themselves rather than just receiving it from the studios.

“Big Picture: the cable, internet and phone companies are battling to control a single source delivery system to our houses for the internet, phone, and TV. Content is their bait. We make content and consumers have choices.”