Wolf Creek hasbecome the first Australian film to open at number one in its first weekendsince Ned Kelly in 2003.

And it hasbecome only the second Australian film with an R+18 rating to go to the top ofthe charts.

Writer/directorGreg McLean's horror debut grossed $0.9m (A$1.224m) from 151 screens for Roadshow in its first four days up to November 6.

Wolf Creek's opening falls just short of its predecessoras R+18 film chart-topper, Chopper, which wenton to gross nearly $4.3m (A$5.9m) in 2000.

It compares favourably with other horror films, including Texas ChainsawMassacre with £0.8m (A$1.1m) from 75 screens and Saw also with $0.8m (A$1.1m) from 161 screens.

Wolf Creek had thebiggest screen average in the chart, being $6m (A$8,104),and already had £240,000 (A$328,000) in the bank from previews.

The screenaverage was about $2,200 (A$3,000) more than its nearest rival, UIP's Elizabethtown.

"This isthe best possible news," said McLean, who is on set on his new film Rogue in the Northern Territory - coincidentally the only area of Australia not showing Wolf Creek because ofsimilarities to an ongoing court trial.

"Everyonehas worked very hard to bring Wolf Creek to thebig screen, and to have it open as number one film in Australia isincredibly exciting."

The film isshowing in the UKand is due to release in the US onDecember 25.