Wolfe Releasinghas acquired North American theatrical and home video rights to CassandraNicolaou's psychological thriller Show Me and Angelina Maccarone's Middle East political drama Unveiled (previously In Orbit).

Both titles are scheduled to screen at the summerfestivals Frameline29 in San Francisco and Outfest in Los Angeles, before anautumn theatrical release, followed by rollout on Wolfe's home entertainmentlabel.

Show Me, which received its world premiere atthe 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival, is a psychological thrillerabout a kidnapped woman who turns the tables on her teen captors.

Unveiled centres on an Iranian woman who escapesdeath threats after a same-sex affair and begins a new life in Berlin under theassumed identity of a man.

Wolfe president Maria Lynnand acquisitions director Orly Ravid brokered the Show Me deal with the Canadian Film Centre's Feature Film Projectexecutive director Justine Whyte, and the Unveiled deal with Ida Martins of Media Luna.