Wolfe Video, theUS distributor dedicated to gay and lesbian videos, is embarking on a newstrategy of marketing support to independent theatrical distributors whosetitles it will eventually release on video.

Making theannouncement today (Apr 24) company president Maria Lynn Wolfe said she waslaunching the initiative with a marketing outreach campaign in support ofRegent Entertainment's upcoming release of Friends And Family.

Friends AndFamily, about a gaycouple and their mafia family, will open in Los Angeles on May 16 and isexpected to appear on video in early 2004 after the theatrical run has ended.

Wolfe willsupport theatrical releases by supplementing marketing campaign budgets andpromoting the film's theatrical release to its customer base, loyalretail and rental outlet customers, and via its network of film festivals andcommunity organisations.

Wolfe will alsobe working with other theatrical distributors, including Small Planet Pictures(A Family Affair) andIndican (On_Line), aswell as producer William Mahone, who will be self-distributing John HenryDavis' Ordinary Sinner.

To continue its expansion in this direction, Wolfe isacquiring theatrical rights in addition to all other media and will attend theupcoming Cannes Film Festival in search of new films. Wolfe acquires features,documentaries and short films.

'As the largest exclusive distributor of gay andlesbian home video, Wolfe Video is a natural partner for theatricaldistributors,' Wolfe said in a statement.

'We havealways had strong relationships with theatrical distribution companies likeRegent and this is a logical and exciting extension of our worktogether.'

Wolfe Video'scredits include Bill Condon's drama Gods And Monsters and the comedy Sordid Lives, which was directed by Del Shores.