UPDATED JUL 29: Fox International unleashed the beast to deliver a confirmed $87.2m debut on 15,435 screens in 101 countries, a powerful launch in which Argentina was the only market not to return a number one result.

Hugh Jackman’s sixth outing as the mutant superhero proved too much for the competition and as predicted slashed its way through the record books. The global tally including the confirmed $53.1m number one North American debut amounted to $140.3m.

Approximately 50% of The Wolverine’s total came from 3D screens and overall the result for comparable countries was 51% bigger than X-Men: First Class, 30% bigger than X-Men: Wolverine and 12% bigger than X-Men: The Last Stand.

In Europe the film took an estimated $40.4m and opened top in 30 markets, of which seven delivered the biggest launch of the X-Men franchise.

Russia led the way as it often does these days, generating $10.4m from 2,044 for Fox’s fourth biggest debut after Avatar, Ice Age 3 and Ice Age 4. France scored $7.3m from 779, the UK $7.2m from 1,250, Germany $3.4m from 694, Spain $2.8m from 767 and Italy $2.1m from 642.

The Wolverine grossed $822,475 in Holland on 101 screens, $825,576 in Sweden on 146 and $757,362 in Belgium on 99.

In the Asia/Pacific region the film generated approximately $26m and opened top in all 11 markets, scoring Fox’s biggest opening weekend in five. Australia returned $5.7m from 578, South Korea $4.9m from 707 and Taiwan $1.4m from 128.

The aggregate Latin American gross amounted to roughly $19m as the film became the biggest in the franchise for the region. Mexico generated $6.3m from 1,837 and Brazil $6.2m from 806.

Argentina was the only territory to spoil The Wolverine’s perfect record, returning a number three ranking on $1.7m from 224 behind Metegol and Despicable Me 2.

The Wolverine will continue to roll out in August in a further 25 countries and Japan is the final market in September.

Staying with Fox International, DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo brought in $12.5m from 6,222 screens in 29 markets to reach an early $42.8m running total. Eleven of the top 15 markets are still to come between August and October.

The film debuted in South Korea on $3.3m from Russia delivered the top hold on $1.88m from 2,068 for $11.5m followed by Mexico on $1.76m from 1,130 for $7.3m and Brazil on $1m from 519 for $4.3m. Argentina has amassed $3.2m, Chile $2m and Colombia $1.2m – all in the second weekend.

The Heat added $1.7m in Australia from 290 to reach $10.1m after three weekends and the comedy stands at $29.1m internationally. Epic has amassed $140.2m.

  • UPDATED: Fast & Furious 6 crossed $500m through Universal Pictures International to become the second biggest global grosser of the year-to-date behind Iron Man 3 and only the second film to cross the milestone internationally so far in 2013. Fast & Furious 6 added $25.6m from 3,742 sites in 34 territories to stand at a confirmed $503.7m internationally and $741.3m worldwide.

China proved to be the weekend driver as the action release debuted at number one on $24.3m in 3,000 venues over three days including approximately $3m on IMAX. This marks Universal’s biggest opening in the market and the second biggest three-day debut for a non-Chinese film in the year-to-date behind Iron Man 3.

China is the final release and the 66th territory to return a number one result. Japan generated $1m from 322 for $17.8m after four weekends to rank second. The Fast series is the studio’s biggest franchise in its 101-year history.

Universal Pictures International’s Despicable Me 2 ranks as the third biggest worldwide release in the 2013 pantheon and grossed a confirmed $25.2m from 6,915 sites in 50 territories for $355.2m internationally and $662m worldwide.

The family release added $3.2m in the UK from 541 for $52.4m after five sessions and ranks as the ninth biggest animation release of all time in the UK.

R.I.P.D. continued to struggle and added $3m from 1,166 in 11 territories for $12.6m after two weekends. Russia added $2.1m from 805 for $10.9m.

Universal holds Latin America and Spanish rights to Foosball, the 3D animated family film Foosball from Argentinian Oscar winner Juan Jose Campanella, and the film added $2.9m from 150 for $7.8m.

The World’s End grossed $2.4m from 608 in three for $8.8m and added $2.2m in the UK from 548 for $8.3m after two weekends. Now You See Me, which Universal distributes for Lionsgate in Italy, has reached $3.9m after three weekends. The Purge stands at $14.2m.

  • Monsters University is up to $321.6m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International thanks to a $15.6m session in 46 territories.

The Pixar release has amassed $576.9m globally and stands at $46.2m in the lead market of Japan, $38m in Mexico, $23.2m in both the UK and Argentina, $21.8m in Australia, $20.8m in Russia, $16.6m in Brazil, $13.5m in Spain, $23.3m in Germany, $10.5m in France and $9.9m in Colombia. Monsters University opens in Italy on Aug 21 followed two days later by China.

The Lone Ranger has laboured to $78.6m internationally and $163.9m worldwide. The Western adaption added $5.1m from 42 territories and stands at $15.5m in Russia, $9.1m in Australia, $7.1m in Mexico, $6.1m in Argentina, $4.6m in Italy and $2.4m in South Korea. It opens in France, Germany and the UK on Aug 7, 8 and 9 followed by Spain on Aug 23. China has not yet been dated.

  • Fired up by its $18.5m first week in China through Sony Pictures Releasing International, White House Down brought in $19.8m to reach an early $45.6m.

Grown Ups 2 added $4.2m for $15.1m and grossed $1.6m in its second weekend in Germany from 624 for $5.1m and $395,000 in its third weekend in Spain from 319 for $3.6m. SPRI’s other active comedy, This Is The End, stands at $11.9m and has generated $4.8m in Australia after two sessions.

  • UPDATED: Warner Bros Pictures International top brass reported that Pacific Rim grossed a confirmed $14.1m from 6,810 screens in 51 territories to reach $140m. In the second weekend the sci-fi added approximately $1.6m in France from 643 for $6.6m and in the third added approximately $1.3m in Russia from 700 for $19.2m.

The UK generated approximately $1.1m from 678 for $10.6m after three, South Korea approximately $1.1m from 437 for $17.3m and Mexico approximately $984,000 from 770 for $13.8m after three. Hong Kong has delivered $3.3m after two. Latest figures put Pacific Rim on $8.9m in Taiwan, $6.3m in Australia, $4.5m in Thailand, $4.4m in Malaysia and $3.5m in Singapore.

It opens in China this week [Jul 31] followed by Spain, Japan and Brazil on Aug 9.

The Conjuring added a confirmed $67.1m from more than 1,390 in seven for an early $12.5m and opened in Russia on $3.2m from 604. The second weekend in Australia generated $1.5m from 140 for $3.8m and $1m in Spain from 308 for $3.9m. The horror release opens in Germany on Aug 1 followed by the UK and Taiwan on Aug 4. Man Of Steel added $2.6m from 2,236 in 51 for $357.1m.

  • Red 2 generated $6.1m through Lionsgate licensees to reach an early $17.5m. The thriller has taken $13.4m in South Korea and opened in the Netherlands on a lacklustre $300,000 from 89 sites in fifth place.

Now You See Me added $4.7m for $97.6m and the mystery grossed $20.7m in CIS, $12.1m in the UK, $5.6m in Brazil, $4.8m in Taiwan and $4.8 in Italy.

  • World War Z added $5.6m from 4,550 cinemas in 60 markets for $280.4m through Paramount Pictures International. Spain and Japan are yet to come in August.

The zombie apocalypse thriller added $1.2m in France from 736 for $17.6m after four weekends and stands at $22.7m in Mexico and $16.8m in Germany, both after five.

Star Trek Into Darkness opened in Venezuela on $500,000 from 60 and stands at $224.6m internationally with Japan, Argentina and Chile still to come in August.