IsWoody Allen going Gallic' In the Martin-Gropius-Bau, there have been strongrumours that the much-travelled US filmmaker is looking to shoot a new featurein France as early as this spring.

Allen isexpected in Paris for the Cesars later this month. The word at the EFM is thathe has been discreetly sounding out French industry folk (among them salesagents and technicians) to see if it will be feasible to shoot in April.

Theprolific Allen has just shot two films back to back in the UK, Match Point and Scoop (both sold by Hanway.)

In2007, he is planning to shoot a film in Spain. Before then, he may well set upshop in France, one of the countries where his work is almost alwaysrapturously received.

It has often been said of Allen that he is morepopular in France than in the US. When relations between the two countriesdeteriorated in the wake of the Iraq war, Allen was foremost among the UScelebrities trying to heal the breach.

He even went as far as to record a spot for the Frenchtourist board calling on the two countries to rebuild relations.

One thing is therefore certain: if he does make afeature in France, he'll be made very welcome.