Nine world premieres and eight US premieres are among a line-up of80 films at the sixth annual Sarasota Film Festival, which runs in Florida fromJan 23-Feb 1 and opens with the world premiere of Gil Junger's romantic comedy IfOnly, starring JenniferLove Hewitt and Paul Nicholls.

Programmes include IndependentSpirit, Industry Spotlight, Women's Voices, Family Fest and a Canadian Showcaseand the festival features a range of discussion and panel events including aspecial award and panel discussion with Patrick Stewart.

Other world premieres include Marc Atwood's surreal I Died and J S Cardone's drama The Mummy AndThe Armadillo, as wellas screenings of Kevin MacDonald's mountaineering docudrama Touching TheVoid, Franco Piavoli'sItalian family drama First Breath Of Wind, Morten Tyldum's Norwegian romantic comedy Buddy and Juan Gerard's comedy drama CubaLibre from the DominicanRepublic, starring Harvey Keitel and Gael Garcia Bernal.

Jury competition awards willbe presented for a number of categories including narrative, documentary, shortfilm, emerging film-maker and educational short.