Paramount's World TradeCenter ruled the international roostas it grossed an estimated $12.3m from 2,690 screens across 20 territoriesthrough UIP and raised the overseas total to $22m.

The carefully plannedrelease benefited from Oliver Stone's extensive publicity tour that took inLondon, Berlin, Venice, Moscow, Tokyo and Seoul.

The 9/11 drama opened insecond place in the UK on $3m from 409 sites, and opened top in Spain on $2.3mfrom 324.

In other notableperformances, World Trade Centeropened top in Taiwan on $734,000 from 57, third in Germany on $1.5m from 452,second in Brazil on $618,000 from 85, and opened in Austria on $135,000 from50.

Over The Hedge added $1.5m from 766 locations in 59 territories for$162.4m. The result comprises mostly UIP territories and includes Japan and SouthKorea. The animated feature opened in Denmark on $575,000 from 95 screensincluding previews of $42,000.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) comedy Clickenjoyed a strong weekend as the Adam Sandler release grossed $10.8m on 2,900screens in 55 markets for a $59.3m running total.

The result was powered by a$3.4m number one release in the UK on 400 screens that ranks as Sandler'sbiggest in the territory to date.

It opened in second place inGermany on $2m from 630, opened second in Spain on $1.7m from 325, and openedin fourth place in Italy on $940,000 from 200.

Elsewhere, Click opened in second place in three other Europeanmarkets, taking $265,000 from 23 in Belgium, the same amount from 86 inAustria, and $210,000 from 41 in Germany-speaking Switzerland. After eightweekends Brazil has produced $7.4m.

Revolution Studios' LittleMan grossed $2.8m from 1,500 screensin 38 markets for $33.5m, and opened top in Venezuela on $105,000 from 40.After three weekends Spain and Mexico have generated $5m and $3.4mrespectively, while the UK stands on $7.7m after five.

Talladega Nights: TheBallad Of Ricky Bobby raised itsinternational running total by $1.8m from 955 in 16 markets to $10m.

SPRI opened the comedy inMexico, where it took $120,000 from 200 and ranks 10th. After two weekendsAustralia ranks third on $2.7m, and after three the UK ranks seventh on $5.6m.

The animated feature OpenSeason opened top in North Americathis weekend and launched day-and-date in Taiwan on $520,000 from 80 in secondplace and in China on $350,000 on 248 in second place. The early internationalcumulative tally is $870,000.

Fox International's TheDevil Wears Prada grossed $8.9m from1,900 screens and raised the tally to $20m.

The result was powered bystrong debuts in Australia and France that generated $3.6m on 321 screens and$3.6m on 505 respectively.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend added $1.4m on 1,672 screens for $28m, while Garfield:A Tale of Two Kitties raised itstally by $800,000 on 300 to $104m, and Little Miss Sunshine added $1.4m on 465 to $8.4m. X-Men: The LastStand added $685,000 on 354 in Japanfor $11.2m and stands at $221m internationally.

Constantin/SummitEntertainment's murder drama Perfume added $7.1m, and now stands at a superb $47.3m. The picture held on totop spot in Germany and added $5.5m in that territory for $28.4m.

Buena Vista International's(BVI) Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest added an estimated $3.8m from 3,446 screens in 37territories in its 13th weekend to raise its tally to $631m.

The picture ranks as thefourth biggest international release in history and has a good shot atovertaking Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone's $651m mark.

Dead Man's Chest stayed top for the third consecutive weekend in Italyon $2m from 925 sites for $23.3m. It remains the third biggest worldwiderelease on $1.051bn.

Cars added $2.4m for a $203m cumulative total and isexpected to finish in the $210m-$220m region.

Universal's sci-fi drama ChildrenOf Men added $1.9m from 369 sites inthe UK through UIP where it ranks fourth for a ten-day total of $5.7m. Thepicture will roll out over the next few months and launches in France on Oct18, and Australia and Russia on Oct 19.

The comedy You, Me AndDupree added $2.4m from 1,300 sitesin 30 territories for $39.6m. It ranks fifth in Germany where it has taken$2.2m after two weekends, and ranks in the top 10 in the UK on $14.9m aftersix.

The dance drama Step Up grossed $1.5m from 194 locations in its first twoterritories of Australia and New Zealand, ranking second in both. It took $1.3min Australia from 155 sites and $210,00 in New Zealand from 39.

The Break-Up took $1.9m from 718 sites in 30 for $81.3m. Added tothe $118.7m domestic tally, the comedy has grossed more than $200m worldwide.Italy produced $1.1m from 205 for $3.5m after 10 days.

Miami Vice raised its international cumulative total by $1.2mfrom 1,600 sites in 40 territories to $87.5m. There are four territories leftincluding Italy on Oct 6 and China on Nov 1.

The Fast And The Furious:Tokyo Drift added $800,000 from 400locations in 20 territories for a $93.3m tally. The picture held well in Japanin its third weekend, adding $720,000 from 220 for $6.5m. It passed Japan'sfinal gross of The Fast And The Furious ($3.7m) after six days and the final gross of 2 Fast 2 Furious ($6.5m) after 16 days.

United 93 grossed $530,000 from 700 venues in 30 for $41.6m,while UK music drama Life And Lyrics opened in limited release in the UK on $182,000 from 70 and ranked 13th.

Warner Bros Pictures International's(WBPI) romance The Lake Housegrossed an estimated $1.3m from more than 650 prints and stands at $56.3m. Thepicture ranked second in Japan as $1.1m raised the tally there to $4.4m.

Meanwhile Lady In TheWater added $1.8m bringing the totaloverseas total for M Night Shyamalan's latest mystery to $25.2m. It opened inJapan and Italy on $795,000 from 269 prints and $510,000 from 47 respectively.