Fox's X2: X-Men United was still the top international film in its second weekend, grossing $30.9m on 7,462 screens in 94 territories for a superb $120.3m international running total.

Russia was the only new market following last week's sprawling day-and-date global release. The sci-fi sequel grossed just under $2.1m on 175 screens there for Fox's second biggest ever opening and the third highest industry opening of all time.

Elsewhere it was a successful second weekend as X2 consolidated its position at the top of almost of all the major markets listed below except Japan, where it finished third.

In the UK, X2 added $4.9m from 454 sites for a staggering $21.5m running total.

France added $3.9m on 701 screens for $12.3m, while in Germany the film grossed $2.8m on 907 for $10.6m.

In Spain the film grossed $1.7m on 378 for $7.3m and Italy produced $1.1m on 324 screens for $4.4m.

X2 took a further $1.6m on 730 screens in Mexico for a terrific $8.8m running total, and Brazil added $1.1m on 426 for $4.2m.

In Australia it added $1.7m on 359 screens for $7.2m, while Japan produced $1.6m on 437 for $7.4m.