X2: X-men United grossed just over $5.5m on 4,670 international screens over theweekend to raise its running total to $177.1m.

Fifth week highlights include $600,000 from 430 screens in France(38% drop) for a $16.8m cumulative score and $289,000 from 297 in Spain for$10m (also a 38% drop).

In Mexico the sci-fi sequel grossed $396,000 from 355 screens fora superb $13.2m (36% drop), while Japan raised its running total to $14.1mafter it added $831,000 from 296 (3% drop).

In its penultimate opening X2 took $352,000 from 132 screens in India, where the filmenjoyed 95% market share.

It ranked number one for Fox'sthird and the industry's fifth biggest ever bows. Egypt will be the final territoryto open next weekend.

The Latino-slanted comedy Chasing Papi opened in Mexico on a so-so $155,000from 105 prints.

Meanwhile the thriller Phone Booth did some good business in its secondweek in Australia, grossing $605,000 from 177 screens for $1.8m.

The zombie film 28 Days Later opened on $506,000 from 195 screens in France, where theEuropean heatwave probably contributed to its disappointing bow.

In Holland thefilm scored a decent $72,000 from 20 screens.