Jamie Kennedy is heading the cast on the comedy Kickin It OldSkool for Bob YariProductions and Kennedy's Jizzy Entertainment and Hi-Def Entertainment.

Shooting is underway in Vancouver on Harvey Glazer's directorialdebut about a 32-year-old former breakdancer who awakens from a 20-year comaand attempts to revive his dance team.

Maria Menounos, Christopher McDonald, Miguel Nunez, Aris Alvarado,Bobby Lee, Debra Jo Rupp, Alan Ruck and Michael Rosenbaum also star.

Trace Slobotkin, Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan co-wrote thescreenplay and the project is being produced by Yari, Kennedy, John Hermansen,and Phillip Glasser.

Paul Rogers, Jeff Cooper, Stuart Stone, and Josh Etting serve asexecutive producers and Syndicate Films International will commence internationalsales at Cannes.

"We came to Jamie with the hopes of finding a comedic vehiclefor him to star in, and we could not pass this opportunity by," Yari said."The film is in the comedic vein of Big and The Full Monty, and we look forward to supporting HarveyGlazer's directorial vision.