Zentropa willdistribute its own films in Denmark starting from this autumn.

For some yearsthey have had an unusually friendly deal with primary Danish competitor in filmproduction, Nordisk Film, about distributing Zentropa's films.

Nordisk willstill send out the next couple of Zentropa movies, but in future PeterAalbaek Jensen and Lars von Trier's company want to fight for themselves.

Thefirst release may well be Lars von Triers own The Boss of it All scheduled to have its world premiere inSeptember at the third Copenhagen International Film festival.

One of thereasons for making their own distribution company is the increasing number ofDanish films - averaging 25 the last two years.

It has becomemore difficult for Peter Aalbaek Jensen's films to be given special distributiontreatment in a very competitive market.

Nimbus Filmfollows Zentropa into letting the new Zentropa distribution arm alsodistributed their films. Zentropa only plans to distribute their Danish filmsin the company maybe with some of the Scandinavian co-productions thrown in.

There are noimmediate plans to distribute foreign films although canny businessman AalbaekJensen won't exclude the possibilities in the long run.

At the heart ofthe new company for now is Loke Havn, who previously was director ofdistribution at Sandrew Metronome.

Sources confirmthat films from M&M Productions and other companies may also be distributedin the new company thereby giving Nordisk Film Distribution even morecompetition, with negotiations already advancing.