Cult horror filmmaker Rob Zombie will make an original Halloween feature for Dimension Films with ascheduled release in October 2007.

Miramax Films will co-finance development with Dimension, andMalek Akkad of Trancas International will produce.

Zombie will write the screenplay, direct and serve as musicsupervisor and will also produce alongside Akkad.

Dimension sources said the project will not be a remake of anyprevious pictures in the Halloween franchise that launched in 1978 with John Carpenter's seminalcrowd pleaser. That picture was produced by Trancas founder Moustapha Akkad,who died last Nov in the Jordanian hotel bombings.

"I have been a huge, huge fan of John Carpenter's originalfilm since its release," Zombie said. "So when Bob Weinsteinapproached me about this, I jumped at the chance to join forces with DimensionFilms on this amazing project."

"[Rob Zombie's] vision for this new Halloween is spectacular and I am thrilled to becollaborating with him and to work closely with Malek Akkad to continue thelegacy built by his father, the late Moustapha Akkad," Dimension chief BobWeinstein.

"Trancas is very excited to be working with Rob Zombie andproducing another Halloween with Bob Weinstein and Dimension, the home of thefranchise for the last three installments," Malek Akkad added. "Itwill be a fitting and worthy tribute to my late father.

President of production Richard Saperstein, senior vice presidentof production Matthew Stein, and director of development and production AlexFranklin will oversee for Dimension. Bret McCartney of Trancas Internationalwill oversee for Trancas.

Dimension'sexecutive vice president of business and legal affairs Andrew Kramer and seniorvice president of business and legal affairs Lumumba Mosquera negotiated thedeal with David Fox and Jeffrey Light of Myman Abell Fineman Greenspan &Light for Zombie, and Wayne Kazan of Weissmann Wolff Bergman Coleman &Silverman for Akkad.