The Legend Of Zorro maintained its number one international status as an estimated$17.5m weekend haul on 6,150 screens in 60 markets raised the running total to$60.1m after two weekends.

Handled in most territoriesthrough Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), which licensed rightsfrom the picture's co-financier Spyglass Entertainment, the picture openednumber one in Colombia on $200,000 and scored a couple of number two debuts inthe Middle East.

France and Spain held on to the top after $2.5m on 678 and $1.9mon 542 raised the respective cumulative totals to $10.8m and $7.4m.

Germany ranks second on $4.2m, the UK ranks fifth on $5.4m, Mexicoranks second on $3.4m, and Brazil ranks second on $2.2m.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose added $570,000 on 289 in five through SPRI for $7.5m,powered by $420,000 on 206 for $1.4m in Australia, where it ranks sixth aftertwo weekends.

Warner Brothers Pictures International's (WBPI) Tim Burton'sCorpse Bride took $8.9mon more than 2,700 prints in 37 markets for a $44.8m international runningtotal.

The animated romance opened on$1.2m on 105 prints in South Korea and was expected to rank number one. Earlyreports indicated a number two launch in Thailand on $146,000 on 60.

Corpse Bride added $1.4m from 220 prints in Italy as grosses climbed 12% fromlast weekend for $4.1m in second place.

The picture added $941,000 for$3.2m after two weekends in Spain, $1.2m for $8.6m after three in France, and$782,000 for $7.3m in the UK after the same amount of time. It stands at $6.1min Japan and $5.1m in Mexico, both after three weekends.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is winding down its run and has amassed$261.3m.

DreamWorks Animation's Wallace & Gromit passed $100m in UIP territories as an$8.9m gross through UIP raised the total to $107m. Highlights were a $2.5m UKhold that raised the running total there to just over $50m.

UIP rolled out Paramount'sromantic comedy Elizabethtown in itsfirst 16 markets for $6m. Highlights were $1.2m from 317 UK sites, $1m from 165in Italy, $950,000 from 240 in Germany, $750,000 from 295 in France, and $810,000from 200 in Australia.

Working Title's Nanny McPhee maintained its impressive UK run by climbing to the top inits third weekend on $2.9m (£1.64m) from 414 for an excellent $22.7m running total. Itopens in the rest of the world next year.

Universal's comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin added $3.3m from 1,345 sites powered bya $918,000 seventh place Spanish launch that raised the internationalcumulative total to $47m.

Universal's action title Doom opened in a further 13 markets and added $4m for an early$12.3m running total. It opens in France on Nov 16 and the UK on Dec 2.

Universal's Pride & Prejudice added $1.9m for an eye-catching earlygross of $37.3m and opens in North America this week. The Constant Gardener generated a considerable $1m debut inSpain and has grossed $2.9m through UIP from Spain, Brazil and Mexico. It opensin the UK on Nov 11.

The Interpreter got its final release in Italy through Eagle last weekend when itopened second on $2m from 342 locations. It added $1.3m for $4,4m and slippedto seventh place in its second weekend. Overall Universal's thriller hasgrossed $88m.

Buena Vista International's animated family picture ChickenLittle launchedday-and-date with North America in several territories and grossed a strong$5.5m that included a smattering of records.

The picture opened top in all its territories, headed up by a$3.1m launch in Mexico in 60 sites for the sixth biggest animated opening ofall time.

Russia generated $1.1m on 197 screens for Disney's biggestanimated opening ever, while $477,000 on 40 in Malaysia was enough to securethe biggest animated release of all time, overtaking the previous mark set byBVI's The Incredibles.Taiwan produced $450,000 from 18.

Flightplan added $6.5m for $41m. It opened top in Italy on just over $2m on320 screens for Jodie Foster's biggest ever launch in the territory, and stayedtop in Germany for the third weekend in a row on $2.2m for $11.6m.

FoxInternational's In Her Shoes raised its running total to $5.5m, a total that is indebtedmostly to Australia. Into The Blue stands at $14m, and the mystery Stay launched in Australia on $143,000 on 199screens and in South Korea on $164,000 on 61.