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X-Men: Apocalypse

'X-Men: Apocalypse' rules slow Memorial Day session

29-May-2016 | By

MAY 30 UPDATE: Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse launched summer and propelled the four-day Memorial Weekend into the all-time top ten with a muted $80m debut, while Buena Vista’s Alice Through The Looking Glass flopped.

Angry Birds

'Angry Birds' topple 'Civil War' in US on $38m

22-May-2016 | By

MAY 23 UPDATE: Sony’s adaptation of the bestselling phone app game toppled Captain America: Civil War from its perch as it secured a number one berth.

'Captain America: Civil War' stands tall at US box office on $73m

15-May-2016 | By

Disney’s Marvel superheroes were too strong for the rest of the pack in the second weekend of release as Captain America: Civil War added an estimated $72.6m to surge to $295.9m.

'Civil War' scores fifth biggest North American debut on $182m

8-May-2016 | By

As expected, Disney / Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War flew to the top of the charts on an estimated $181.8m that obliterated the competition.

'The Jungle Book' king of North America on $44m

1-May-2016 | By

MAY 2 UPDATE: Disney’s live action hit held on to top berth for its third and almost certainly final weekend following a 29% decline that saw it add a confirmed $43.7m.

The Jungle Book

'The Jungle Book' stays top in US on $61.5m

24-Apr-2016 | By

APRIL 25 UPDATE: Disney’s The Jungle Book clung on to the highest vines in its second session as a confirmed $61.5m easily saw off the feeble challenge of Universal’s The Huntsman sequel and propelled the family hit to $192.2m.

The Jungle Book

'The Jungle Book' roars to top in US on $103.3m

18-Apr-2016 | By

APRIL 18 UPDATE: If the live-action-CGI rendering of Rudyard Kipling’s beloved tale seemed destined to become a Disney classic all over again, the opening weekend confirmed that notion as it stormed to the studio’s biggest April debut in history.


Global box office hit $38.3bn in 2015

12-Apr-2016 | By

Buoyed by last year’s surge in global, international, and North American gross box office receipts, industry heads on Tuesday used fresh data to proclaim the film industry to be in rude health despite facing more serious challenges than at any time in its history.

The Boss

'The Boss' rules US as 'BvS', 'Hardcore Henry' disappoint

10-Apr-2016 | By

Melissa McCarthy is queen of North America as an estimated $23.48m debut for The Boss via Universal edged Warner Bros’ fast-fading Batman v Superman into second place.

'Batman v Superman' falls 69% in second session in North America

3-Apr-2016 | By

APRIL 4 UPDATE: The Warner Bros / DC Entertainment spring tentpole succumbed to one of the biggest second-weekend drops in superhero history as the film mustered another $51.3m in the arduous climb towards break-even.

'Batman v Superman' hits $500m at global box office

30-Mar-2016 | By

The Warner Bros and DC Entertainment tentpole added an estimated $32.9m on Tuesday to reach $501.9m worldwide.

'Batman v Superman' grosses $469m worldwide

27-Mar-2016 | By

MARCH 29 UPDATE: The DC Entertainment tentpole added $46m worldwide on Monday to reach $468.6m worldwide and $287.5m internationlaly and $181.1m in North America as the studio revised its weekend take to $256.5m internationally and $422.6m worldwide.

'Batman V Superman' storms North America on $166m

27-Mar-2016 | By

MARCH 28 UPDATE: Warner Bros opened the DC Entertainment vaults and reaped the rewards as the sixth biggest domestic debut in history fuelled a $420m worldwide haul.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

'Batman V Superman' hits $93m worldwide

25-Mar-2016 | By

UPDATE: Warner Bros’ DC Entertainment tentpole has raced to at least $65.2m from its first three international days and took $27.7m from Thursday night screenings in North America for an early $92.9m worldwide.


'Zootopia' retains control in North America on $37.2m

21-Mar-2016 | By

MARCH 21 UPDATE: Disney’s latest animation smash crossed $200m in North America thanks to a confirmed $37.2m number one hold.


'Zootopia' stays top in US on $51m

13-Mar-2016 | By

MARCH 14 UPDATE: Disney’s latest animation juggernaut held on to pole position in its second session as a confirmed $51.3m boosted the running total to $143.9m.


'Zootopia' trounces US field on $75m

6-Mar-2016 | By

MARCH 7 UPDATE: Disney’s latest family film delivered the biggest three-day opening for Walt Disney Animation Studios on a confirmed $75.1m.


'Deadpool' surges towards $300m in North America

28-Feb-2016 | By

FEBRUARY 29 UPDATE: Fox’s smash offered a rare bright spot in a typically slow Oscar weekend, adding an confirmed $31.1m to push itself to $285.3m and stay top for the third consecutive session.


'Deadpool' holds North American lead with $57m

21-Feb-2016 | By

FEB 22 UPDATE: Deadpool, Fox’s R-rated superhero blockbuster starring Ryan Reynolds, has surged to $236.9m and combines with $256.2m internationally for $493.1m worldwide.


'Deadpool' scores record $135m US February debut

14-Feb-2016 | By

Ryan Reynolds as the foul-mouthed, R-rated superhero delivered a bona fide smash as Fox opened Deadpool on a massive February record.

Kung Fu Panda 3

'Kung Fu Panda 3' rules North America on $21m

7-Feb-2016 | By

FEBRUARY 8 UPDATE: DreamWorks Animation’s latest tentpole held on to top spot as a trio of new openers arrived with a whimper including Berlinale opener Hail, Caesar! from the Coen Bros.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'The Force Awakens' hits $2bn worldwide

5-Feb-2016 | By

Disney/Lucasfilm’s behemoth crossed further significant milestones over the weekend to consolidate its status as the third biggest film of all time globally.

'Kung Fu Panda 3' rules North America on $41.3m

31-Jan-2016 | By

FEBRUARY 1 UPDATE: The third instalment of DreamWorks Animation’s family franchise opened top of the chats but scored the lowest debut in the series as overall box office for the top 12 climbed 25% on last week.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'The Force Awakens' sets $200m IMAX record

26-Jan-2016 | By Tom Grater

The Force Awakens is now the second-highest grossing IMAX release of all time.

'The Revenant' storms ahead in US on $16m

24-Jan-2016 | By

Fox/New Regency’s revenge drama reached to the top of the North American charts in its fifth weekend as Winter Storm Jonas ravaged the East Coast and according to some estimates knocked off 10% of potential overall earnings.

Ride Along 2

'Ride Along 2' cruises to US title on $41.6m

17-Jan-2016 | By

JAN 18 UPDATE: Universal’s comedy sequel opened at number one and dethroned Star Wars: The Force Awakens after five sessions at the top.

Star Wars The Force Awakens at The Great Wall of China

'The Force Awakens', 'Sherlock' enter top five in China Video

12-Jan-2016 | By Silvia Wong

Foreign titles re-entered the weekly chart after the blackout as Star Wars and Sherlock claimed top and third spot, respectively.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'The Force Awakens' first to cross $800m in North America

10-Jan-2016 | By

JANUARY 11 UPDATE: A confirmed $42.4m fourth weekend propelled Star Wars: The Force Awakens to $812.7m as the worldwide tally reached $1.73bn.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'Force Awakens' targets #2 all-time global rank

7-Jan-2016 | By

EXCLUSIVE: Star Wars: The Force Awakens could soar as high as $2.25bn worldwide to finish behind Avatar in the all-time pantheon, according to a former high-ranking studio executive.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'Force Awakens' tops US all-time chart

6-Jan-2016 | By

JANUARY 7 UPDATE: The latest accolade for Disney/ Lucasfilm’s behemoth arrived on Wednesday as it overtook the five-year record of Avatar to become the biggest film ever at the North American box office on $764.4m.

Disney grossed $5.85bn in 2015

5-Jan-2016 | By

The Walt Disney Studios announced its record-breaking calendar year results as combined grosses for all releases amounted to $5.845bn – the second biggest score ever behind Universal’s $6.88bn from last year.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'Force Awakens' Disney's biggest North American release

1-Jan-2016 | By

JAN 1 UPDATE: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – already Disney’s biggest film in North America since Thursday – is on the cusp of being crowned the biggest release of 2015.

Jurassic World

US box office hits $11bn in 2015

27-Dec-2015 | By

DECEMBER 29 UPDATE: Combined grosses reached $11bn in North America on Tuesday according to Rentrak, powered by Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World. This was the first time Hollywood achieved the feat – at least when unadjusted for inflation.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'Force Awakens' adds $149.2m in record North America session

27-Dec-2015 | By

DECEMBER 28 UPDATE: A further confirmed $149.2m boosted Disney-Lucasfilms’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens past the half-billion mark in a huge Christmas weekend session and destroyed the second-weekend record of $106.6m set by Jurassic World back in the summer.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'The Force Awakens' targets $1bn by Sunday

23-Dec-2015 | By

DECEMBER 25 UPDATE: Star Wars: The Force Awakens used an estimated $47.6m global take on Thursday as the space opera reached $813.5m worldwide.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' sets $248m US record

20-Dec-2015 | By

DECEMBER 21 UPDATE: Buena Vista unwrapped a holiday season treat for fans and studio executives alike as JJ Abrams’ sci-fi spectacular stormed to the top of the North American record books.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' eyes box office history

15-Dec-2015 | By

Disney-LucasFilm could be about to rewrite the box office record books with a North American debut that insiders say could reach $220m.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

'Mockingjay 2' holds on to US crown with $11.4m

13-Dec-2015 | By

DECEMBER 14 UPDATE: In a tight contest with new arrival In The Heart Of The Sea, Lionsgate’s enduring champion The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 retained the title by the slimmest of margins.

'Mockingjay 2' stays top in US on $19m

6-Dec-2015 | By

DECEMBER 7 UPDATE: Lionsgate’s YA adaptation held on to number one for the third consecutive weekend and climbed to a confirmed $227.4m while Universal’s Krampus arrived in second place on $16.3m.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

'Mockingjay 2' tops Thanksgiving weekend on $52m

29-Nov-2015 | By

NOV 30 UPDATE: The Hunger Games finale held on to its number one berth over the North American holiday weekend to ensure that a Lionsgate or Lionsgate-Summit film has held the spot over the same period for the past five years.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

'Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2' rules North America on $103m

22-Nov-2015 | By

NOVEMBER 23 UPDATE: Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 rounded out the YA franchise to ensure all four in the series opened on more than $100m in North America.

'Spectre' stays top in North America on $34m

15-Nov-2015 | By

NOVEMBER 16 UPDATE: Sony, MGM and EON Productions’ spy thriller held on to top berth as the running total climbed to $130.7m after two sessions, while Universal launched Angelina Jolie’s By The Sea in a lacklustre limited debut.


'Spectre' rules North America on $70m

8-Nov-2015 | By

NOVEMBER 9 UPDATE: A stirring debut saw the EON Productions, MGM and Sony’s James Bond saga take the box office by storm on an estimated $70m as Fox’s The Peanut’s Movie had to settle for second on a commendable $44m.

The Martian

'The Martian' orbits $11.7m, openers lost in space

1-Nov-2015 | By

NOVEMBER 2 UPDATE: In the lowest top 12 weekend of the year-to-date, Fox’s juggernaut continued to steam towards a North American high-water mark for director Ridley Scott as the space adventure grossed $11.7m for $183.1m.

The Martian

'The Martian' back on top in North America on $15.7m

25-Oct-2015 | By

OCTOBER 26 UPDATE: Fox’s adventure hit prospered while others misfired, reclaiming pole position on an confirmed $15.7m to boost the running total to $166.2m.


'Goosebumps' stirs up US on $23.5m

18-Oct-2015 | By

OCTOBER 19 UPDATE: A solid debut for Sony saw the Jack Black family comedy open top on a confirmed $23.6m from 3,501 theatres as Bridge Of Spies and Crimson Peak came in second and third, respectively.

Beasts Of No Nation

Netflix's 'Beasts' opens in US theatres on $51,003

18-Oct-2015 | By

OCTOBER 19 UPDATE: The streaming giant’s first original film Beasts Of No Nation starring Idris Elba and Abraham Atta ventured into 31 theatres at the weekend, grossing a confirmed $51,003 from Landmark venues.


'Pan' fried as 'The Martian' holds US box office

11-Oct-2015 | By John Hazelton

Warner Bros’ Pan struggled to get off the ground at the US box office this weekend while Fox’s The Martian dropped only 32% from its debut.

Inside Out

Disney passes $4bn global box office; 'Toy Story 4' pushed to 2018

8-Oct-2015 | By John Hazelton

After reaching the milestone earlier than ever before this year, the studio also revealed release dates for Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2, while Toy Story 4 has been pushed back a year.

The Martian

'The Martian' rockets to top of North American box office on $55m

4-Oct-2015 | By John Hazelton

UPDATE: Fox’s The Martian shot straight to the top of the North American box office chart this weekend, opening with a confirmed gross of $54.3m from 3,831 theatres.



The Salesman

Memento sells Cannes award-winner 'The Salesman' to UK, Germany

EXCLUSIVE: Memento also sells Bruno Dumont’s Cannes contender Slack Bay to the UK.


Arrow targets Cannes title 'Apprentice' for UK Video

EXCLUSIVE: Paris-based Luxbox secures new sales on Un Certain Regard title.

JJ Abrams

'God Particle' gets production date

Paramount and Bad Robot’s adventure will begin shooting in Los Angeles on June 10 with JJ Abrams serving as producer.

Samantha Morton

ITV, Hulu team up for 'Harlots'

Period drama stars Samantha Morton, Lesley Manville and Jessica Brown Findlay.

Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet

Live cinema on the rise, says report

Almost half of UK exhibitors are now screening live cinema experiences.

Sophia Loren Human Voice

Transilvania fest to honour Sophia Loren

The festival will also honour Mad Max: Fury Road producer Iain Smith.