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Robert Marich

  • Marketplace: word of mouse marketing


    From Twitter to transmedia content, the fast-moving digital sphere is changing the face of theatrical marketing. But while online spend is rising, traditional media still claims the bulk of distributor advertising spend in the US. Robert Marich explores how the two arenas intersect
  • Chasing the VoD tail


    Are the numbers beginning to add up for video-on-demand? Robert Marich takes a look at the figures being generated in the US market, which is acting as a testing ground for global VoD patterns
  • Burn, hollywood, burn: Health campaigners and film


    Tobacco and obesity have raced towards the top of the global political agenda in recent years, but they may soon have an impact on the bottom line for the film industry. Wherever one stands on the social impact of cinema on children in particular, there is no doubt health campaigners have the film industry in their sights.
  • 2008 Preview - Marketing - Unchartered Territory


    Pre-release audience tracking surveys, which have been honed into a precise science over decades, seem to be evolving into an inexact art, causing considerable consternation for Hollywood film marketers. Distributors use tracking surveys to decide how best to allocate the $3.5bn spent annually on paid media to advertise films in the US market. When this research is off, too much advertising may be directed at audience segments already sold on the film and not enough on consumers who ...