Lionsgate is partnering with Celestial Pictures and Saban Capital to launch an independent Asian media company focused on branded pay TV channels, content creation, and distribution across Asia.

The new company, Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE), will bring together a bouquet of pay channels offerings by combining Celestial Pictures’ Celestial Movies, Celestial Classic Movies and Celestial Movies on Demand with Tiger Gate Entertainment’s action channel KIX, horror and thriller channel Thrill and KIX HD.

Celestial Pictures will continue to own and distribute the Shaw Brothers Film Library and CTE will license content from Celestial Pictures for its channels.  CTE will also be the exclusive sales agent for all of Lionsgate’s content in Southeast Asia and China.

Tiger Gate is founded by William Pfeiffer and Paul Presburger and is owned jointly by Lionsgate and Saban Capital Group in April 2010.  So far the company has launched the two brand channels KIX and Thrill in two platforms in Hong Kong, six platforms in Indonesia, two in Singapore, one in Thailand and two platforms in the Philippines.

“I am delighted to continue our partnership with Saban Capital Group and join with Celestial Pictures in an alliance that reflects the continued growth of our Asian channel business,” said Lionsgate Co-chairman and CEO Jon Feltheimer.

CTE’s Board of Directors will consist of representatives of Celestial Pictures, Saban Capital Group and Lionsgate.

CTE will be headquartered in Hong Kong with its staff formed by both Celestial Movies Channels and Tiger Gate.