A corporate executive mother and her child involuntarily venture to a small town at the end of the earth, meet a granny artist and 37 overactive and talented children, their lives are about to change.

Prod companies: Manner Movie Limited (Hong Kong)

Backers: Stellar Megamedia Ltd (China), Manner Movie Limited (Hong Kong)

Producers: Dennis Chan, Xiaozhe, Allie Wang


Intl sales: Manner Movie Limited (Hong Kong)

Director: Dennis Chan

Screenplay: Liu Yuanyuan, Dennis Chan

DoP: Gavin Liew

Production Design: Wong Yan-kwai, Alan Sin

Cast: Liu Xiaoqing, Charlie Young, Lin Miao Ke, Sun Yifeng, Quintessenso Hulun Buir Children Choir

Locations: Hulun Buir Grasslands, Inner Mongolia and Hong Kong

Shooting from when until when: from July 21, 2009 to Oct 7, 2009

Contact: Frank Lee, frankleespeakinghk@gmail.com, +852 9368 3838

Allie Wang, Alliewang22@gmail.com, +86 1381 168 6468