Rome-based sales company and producer Minerva Pictures Group will be in Cannes with a new project from Abel Ferrara, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli.

Currently in post-production, the film - which is destined for a theatrical release - interweaves documentary with narrative footage by combining interviews with three female inmates with scripted scenes that stem from their life experiences.

The three stories are in turn scripted by young members of a juvenile anti-crime association called Sons of Bronx (Figli del Bronx), founded by ex-petty thief Gaetano Di Vaio, who developed the film project with Ferrara.

The scriptwriters are Peppe Lanzetta and Maurizio Braucci whose segments reflect unhappy and violent families and Gaetano Di Vaio and Mariagrazia Capaldo whose script elements are based on Di Vaio's own jail experience.

The film was shot entirely in the gritty crime ridden city of Naples and in the Pozzuoli State prison between July 2007 and winter 2008.

Producing credits go to Gianluca Curti for Minerva Pictures Group and Pier Francesco Aiello produces for PFA Films. The screenwriters also take producer credits under the name of the Figli del Bronx.

Buyers will be able to screen some already-edited excerpts of the film.

Minerva Pictures calls the film 'controversial and multi-angled' - and told that the project sprung from the relationship between Ferrara and Di Vaio.

'Napoli, Napoli, Napoli is above all the will to narrate life, even on a Vespa, capturing the real appearances of the city,' Abel Ferrara said.

Ferrara's feature documentary Chelsea On The Rocks screens in Cannes Un Certain Regard.