Jessica Alba has replaced Lindsay Lohan opposite Aaron Eckhart in GreeneStreet Films'upcoming comedy Bill, which is set to begin principal photography on Jun 8 in and around St Louis.

Greenestreet's John Penotti and Fisher Stevens are producing Bill with Matthew Roland, with Tim Williams serving as executive producer.

Lohan stepped aside due to a scheduling conflict and is understood to be eying a number of projects with imminent start dates.

Bill stars Eckhart as a cuckolded husband who reclaims his self-esteem after he isassigned to mentor an unruly youth. Alba will play a saleswoman who helps Bill on his road to recovery.

Elizabeth Banks, Timothy Olyphant and Logan Lerman round out thekey cast, and Melisa Wallack and husband Bernie Goldmann co-wrote and areco-directing.

GreeneStreet Films International recently completed a raft ofpre-sales at Cannes on Bill. Rights have gone to Quality in Mexico, Europa in Brazil, BlueSky Media in Eastern Europe, Village Roadshow in Greece, Italia in the MiddleEast, Forum in Israel, and D Productions in Turkey.

Alba last teamed up with New York-based GreeneStreet Films on the thrillerAwake, which alsostars Hayden Christensen and is currently in post production.

Alba is represented by Endeavor, Chris Henze of ThrulineEntertainment and attorney Warren Dern.