UJ Budapest FilmStudio’s Laszlo Kantor has revealed further details of one of the more colourful projects currently being hatched in the market, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s King Shot.

Financing is nearing completion on the $7.4m (€5.5m) film, first announced in Cannes last year and billed as a “metaphysical spaghetti western.” An Italian partner is poised to board the film and shooting has now been set for early October in Spain

Kantor is co-producing alongside an array of partners, among them David Lynch, whose outfit Absurda is handling world sales. Paris-based Hungarian Simon Shandor of Clavis Film is the lead producer.

The project stars Nick Nolte, Cannes jury member Asia Argento, Udo Kier and Marilyn Manson. Vilmos Zsigmond has now been brought on board as cinematographer.

The film marks the maverick Jodorowsky’s return to directing after a 20 year break. His earlier works, including Santa Sangre, El Topo and The Holy Mountain, have made the Chilean auteur a cult figure.

King Shot is one of the many co-productions in which the prolific Kantor is involved. He was the Hungarian co-producer on Caroline Strubbe’s Critics’ Week entry Lost Persons Area (sold by UMedia.) Kantor is also due to start work on director Dimitar Mitovski’s black comedy, Mission London, a Bulgarian-Hungarian co-production.