Alejandro Jodorowsky, theoriginator of the midnight movie, has a new film planned, entitled King Shot.He describes the project as somethingof a metaphysical spaghetti Western that could star his fans and friends NickNolte and Marilyn Manson. Producer Pieree Spengler is developing.

Jodorowsky is in Cannestoday for Cannes Classics screenings of 1971's El Topo and 1973's Holy Mountain, both of which are represented by Allen Klein's ABKCOand have been recently remastered.

The films 'look betterthan ever,' the Paris-based, Chile-born director said.

is films should providesomething a little different from most of this year's Cannes fare.'They're not old pictures, they are still avant-garde today. They areshocking today,' Jodorowsky, 77, says proudly.