Eight governors have been re-elected to the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' board along with six film-makers who return after a period of absence.

The sole first-time governor is Annette Bening representing the actors branch. All governors will serve three-year terms.

Returning to the board after a hiatus are Jeffrey Kurland representing art directors; Martha Coolidge, directors; Arthur Hamilton, music; Don Hall, sound; and Phil Robinson, writers. Don Hall returns to the board to fill the seat left vacant after J Paul Huntsman died earlier this year.

Sitting governors who have been re-elected are: Owen Roizman, cinematographers; Michael Apted, documentary; Robert Rehme, executives; Donn Cambern, film editors; Kathleen Kennedy, producers; Sid Ganis, public relations; John Lasseter, short films and feature animation; and Craig Barron, visual effects.

Fourteen of the Academy's 15 branches are each represented by three governors, who may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. Terms are staggered so that each branch elects or re-elects one governor each year. The make-up branch is represented by a single governor, Leonard Engelman, whose seat was not part of this election cycle.

Governors who were not up for re-election and who continue on the board are Ed Begley, Jr and Henry Winkler, actors branch; Rosemary Brandenburg and Jeannine Oppewall, art directors; Caleb Deschanel and Vilmos Zsigmond, cinematographers; Curtis Hanson and Paul Mazursky, directors; Rob Epstein and Richard Pearce, documentary; Jim Gianopulos and Tom Sherak, executives; Dede Allen and Mark Goldblatt, film editors; Bruce Broughton and Charles Fox, music; Mark Johnson and Hawk Koch, producers; Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Marvin Levy, public relations; Carl Bell and Jon Bloom, short films and feature animation; Curt Behlmer and Kevin O'Connell, sound; Richard Edlund and Bill Taylor, visual effects; and James L Brooks and Frank Pierson, writers.