Recently-launched Korean sales agent Fine Cut has announced two additions to its slate from United Pictures - Antique, directed by Min Kyu-dong (All For Love), and Go Go 70's, directed by Choi Ho (Bloody Tie) and starring Cho Seung-woo.

United Pictures is a new joint production and financing outfit set up by Lee Tae-hun (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance), Shim Bokyeong (JSA) and Eugene Lee (Voice Of A Murderer).

The three also have their own production companies - Opus Pictures, Bokyungsa, and Zip Cinema, respectively.

Based on a popular Japanese manga by Fumi Yoshinaga, Antique is about four young men with hidden pasts working in a French cake shop. The film is a Zip Cinema/Soo Film/United Pictures production.

Go Go 70's is about the legendary band which spearheaded the 1970s rise of Korean rock music during the op press ive military dictatorship. The film is a Bokyungsa/United Pictures production. Both films are in production, to be released locally by Showbox Mediaplex.