The four-day Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) wrapped on Wednesday night, with the Pusan Award going to Japanese director Shinji Aoyama’s Decadent Sisters.

Busan Metropolitan City gives the prize of $20,000 each year to a talented Asian filmmaker in the PPP.

The award from the Göteborg Film Festival Fund went to Postcards From The Zoo by young Indonesian director Edwin. The fund allocates a total sum of $17,000 (KW20m) to support eight to ten directors and/or producers of selected PPP projects with their travelling and accommodation expenses, and awards $2,500 (KW3m) to one project.

CJ Entertainment’s CJ Award of $10,000 went to Slightly Sane, an India-France co-production to be directed by Pan Nalin.

The $17,000 (KW20m) Kodak Award for a Korean project went to Trace, to be directed by Han Jae-rim.

The Wooridul Award of $8,600 (KW10m) for an Asian project in PPP went to Yang Jin’s New Policemen Stories, a project from Hong Kong-China.

The Lotte Award, of the same amount, for a Korean project went to Son Jae-gon’s Korean project Villain And Widow.

Out of the five projects in the Korean Producers in Focus (KPIF), Prime Entertainment awarded the Prime Choice award to Good-bye Again by producer Kim Young-jin, taking a first-look option.

After running Oct 11-14 in the Seacloud Hotel on Haeundae Beach, Busan, the PPP reported a total of approximately 500 meetings.