Cinema attendance figures in Argentina dropped by an estimated 2.5% in 2007.

The period saw 34.5 million admissions as opposed to 35.4 million in 2006, according to provisional figures from Nielsen EDI and Dis-Service.

Hollywood blockbusters took a 82.1% share of the market (79.3% in 2006), local productions logged 9% (from last year's 11.6%), while European, Asian and other Latin American films took a 8.9% (9.4% a year ago).

The fall in attendances particularly affected Argentinian films. The record of 92 titles (co-productions included) released during 2007 saw sales drop to 3.12 million from 4.1 million in 2006. Action comedy Incorregibles was the only local hit of the year with 750.000 spectators.

Only seven American films have attracted over one million viewers, a list led by The Simpsons Movie with 2.550.000 admissions.

German Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's The Lives of Others (320.000 tickets sold) and Stephen Frears' The Queen (270.000 admissions) were the most successful European productions of the year

Top 10 films in 2007 (admissions)

1- The Simpsons Movie (US), Fox, 2.55m

2- Shrek The Third (US), UIP, 2.05m

3- PiratesOf The Caribbean: At World's End (US), Disney, 1.6m

4- Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (UK, US), Warner, 1.5m

5- Spider-Man 3 (US), Sony, 1.4m

6- Ratatouille (US), Disney, 1.35m

7- Night At The Museum (US), Fox, 1.12m

8- 300 (US), Warner, 0.88

9- Transformers (US), UIP, 0.85

10- Incorregibles (Arg), Disney, 0.75

Local top 10 (admissions)

1- Incorregibles, Disney, 0.75m

2- Who Says It's Easy, Primer Plano, 0.42m

3- The Signal, Disney 0.37m

4- The Ark, Disney, 0.33m

5- Isidoro, Pachamama, 0.27m

6- XXY, Distribution Company, 0.2m

7- Touch the Sky, Sony, 0.17m

8- Martin Fierro, Primer Plano, 0.07m

9- The Other, Distribution Company, 0.045m

10- The Mudboy, Disney, 0.035