EXCLUSIVE: France’s ASAP Films has boarded Rajesh Jala’s The Spark (Chingari) at NFDC Film Bazaar 2013. Selected for NFDC Screenwriters’ Lab and Co-production Market, the project also won the Incredible India award announced on the closing night of Film Bazaar.

“Set in Banaras [Varanasi], Chingari is visually a very appealing story and the characters are typically Indian,” said Cedomir Kolar, one of the founders of ASAP Films, which co-produced Ritesh Batra’s award-winning film The Lunchbox.

“One thing I have understood after the success of The Lunchbox is that the only way to cross over internationally is to have a very local story.”

 “I know that things do not repeat in our business but it was here at Film Bazaar two years ago that I met Ritesh [Batra]. A little bit of superstition does not harm,” he said. “The Incredible India award comes as a comfort that I have made the right choice.” Kolar added that he is now looking for an indian co-producer.

The Spark revolves around a young photographer who is a riot victim and enters the ancient city of Varanasi to carry out a deadly mission of creating havoc in the city. He has decided to take revenge but is hesitant to act after encountering a young cremator and an old widow at the cremation ground.

“I feel privileged that ASAP Films is interested in my project and I am looking forward to collaborating with Cedomir,” said writer-director Rajesh Jala.

Speaking about Film Bazaar, Kolar added: “India is so rich in talent and stories and Film Bazaar has opened the doors for understanding the Indian talent.”