The Alliance Of Women Film Journalists (AWFJ) has announced the presentation of a juried AWFJ EDA Awards at this year’s Whistler Film Festival, set to run from December 4-8 in British Columbia.

At Whistler Film Festival 2013, EDA Awards will be presented for Best Female-Directed Narrative Feature and for Best Female-Directed Documentary.

Eligible films directed by females are being screened as part of the festival’s regular programme and being nominated for EDA Awards consideration by Whistler Film Festival’s administration and programmers.

Jury panels for both EDA Awards categories will be drawn from the AWFJ membership, with five jurors assigned to each panel.

Chairperson for the narrative feature panel is Vancouver-based Katherine Brodsky. Chairing the documentaries panel is New York-based Jennifer Merin, who also serves as AWFJ’s president. The names of jurors will be announced at a later date.