Jeremy Sims’ Beneath Hill 60 - The Silent War has started shooting in Townsville, Australia.   

The film is based on the true story of a secret platoon of Australian tunnellers operating thirty metres underground, beneath the German lines, concealing an operation that could change the course of the war forever.

David Roach wrote the screenplay and the cast includes Brendan Cowell, Warwick Young, Anthony Hayes, Jacqueline McKenzie, Gyton Grantley and Harrison Gilbertson.

Bill Leimbach of Silence Productions is producing the film which was financed in Australia.

The rights for the war-action thriller have already been sold to media partners Transmission/Paramount for Australia and New Zealand.  Intandem is handling all other territory sales.  

Intandem director Billy Hurman said: “Beneath Hill 60 is a gripping and original war story and the fact that it is based on such significant true events makes it all the more thrilling”.