Berlin’s economy is to receive a $93m (€69m) boost over the 11 days of the Berlinale, according to a report by the Investitionsbank Berlin.

Professional visitors to the festival and European Film Market are likely to stay in Berlin for between four and nine days – more than double the average tourist, who spends just 2.3 days in the German capital, according the report.

Those visitors have a daily budget of $310 to $420 (€240-€310) for expenditure on services such as hotels, restaurants and taxis.

While the festival’s estimated 100,000 cinema-goers generate around $16.5m (€12.2m) additional income for the local economy, the Berlinale’s 20,000 accredited delegates (including more than 3,800 journalists) bring in a further $43.5m (€32.2m).

A large proportion of the Berlinale’s own $28.4m (€21m) budget and sponsors’ activities generate a further $33.1m (€24.5m).

The report also suggested that the 2013 Berlinale will generate at least 380 jobs and forecasts that a further 83 will be created over the next four years.